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Independent Medical Evaluation

Steel City Spine and Orthopedic Center

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Need an impartial second opinion or an Independent Medical Evaluation (IME) for your workers’ compensation or personal injury claim? At Steel City Spine and Orthopedic Center, we provide comprehensive IMEs, courtesy of our expert, board-certified spine and orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Jocelyn Idema, CIME.

Dr. Idema's extensive experience with IMEs ensures a smooth progression of your claim and an accurate representation of your health status. Don't let the complexities of workers' compensation or personal injury claims overwhelm you.

Reach out to us in Pittsburgh, McKees Rocks, Washington, Pennsylvania, or our South Florida office. Begin your journey towards resolution by scheduling your impartial assessment today, either by calling us or conveniently booking your appointment online.

Independent Medical Evaluation

What is an independent medical evaluation?

An independent medical evaluation (IME), also known as an independent medical examination, is a second opinion from a medical doctor about your current health. The independent medical examiner can assess the severity of your injuries and recommend the treatment you need.

You might need to undergo an IME to see whether you qualify for workers’ comp or disability benefits following an injury or illness. 

Insurance providers, your employer, and legal representatives are all examples of people and organizations that might require you to have an independent medical evaluation. 

Can I go to any physician for my independent medical evaluation?

Independent medical examiners are physicians like Dr. Idema who have completed specialized training in patients’ assessments. Only doctors who are certified as having the expertise to assess your health can act as an independent medical examiner.

Dr. Idema uses her extensive knowledge of medicine and surgery to provide an impartial report about your condition. She can help resolve disputes between you and other parties involved or get to the truth of any claims on either side. She can also advise you on how long it’s likely to take you to recover, and what permanent disabilities you might have.

What happens during my independent medical evaluation?

At your IME, Dr. Idema reviews your medical history and carries out a physical examination. She also examines your mental and physical abilities when carrying out different tasks. 

You might need to provide blood or urine samples for testing and undergo diagnostic procedures such as X-rays or MRI and CT scans.

The information Dr. Idema gathers enables her to evaluate your symptoms and their causes. She can also give you advice on activities you should or shouldn’t be doing at home and work, based on your evaluation.

What happens after my independent medical examination?

When your IME is complete, Dr. Idema prepares a report of her findings. The report contains information about your current health, the causes of your illness or injury, and the most beneficial treatments.

Any other factors that merit consideration are also in the report, such as whether your lifestyle is likely to have influenced your health. 

Dr. Idema answers any specific questions about your health that the employer, workers’ comp board, or insurance provider asks about your condition. She also provides her opinion on whether your claim is valid. The report is entirely unbiased and contains Dr. Idema’s expert opinion, which is based on the evidence.

Find out more about independent medical evaluations by calling Steel City Spine and Orthopedic Center today, or you can book an appointment online.