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I Was Hurt on the Job: Can You Help?

I Was Hurt on the Job: Can You Help?

Workplace injuries are hardly confined to more perilous jobs like catching fish in Alaskan waters. Whether you trip on some cords exiting your corner office or you strain your back lifting heavy items in a warehouse, workplace injuries can occur anywhere.

When a workplace injury occurs, you want an experienced medical team in your corner that will not only help you heal, but also help you navigate the often-confusing worker’s compensation world. 

At Steel City Spine and Orthopedic Center, our expert team is ready to help you. Based on years of experience and in-depth medical knowledge, we’ve helped scores of patients negotiate workplace injuries.

Top work-related injuries

As we mentioned, there are a number of ways you can injure yourself on the job. To give you an idea, the top work-related injuries include:

When it comes to frequency, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that, in 2019, there were 2.8 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses in private industry, or about 2.8 cases for every 100 full-time workers.

We present this information to give you a little guidance when it comes to what constitutes a workplace injury. Sure, getting struck by a swinging crane may seem obvious, but a repetitive injury like carpal tunnel syndrome is less so, yet they’re both workplace injuries.

First steps after a workplace injury

If you’ve been injured during the course of your employment, your first step is to get the medical attention you need. Your health comes first, and it’s important that you have access to the right care.

If you have a musculoskeletal issue, such as a back strain or a fracture, our practice can help.

It’s important to alert your employer about the injury as soon as possible so that they can take the steps necessary to initiate the workers’ compensation process.

Helping you heal

With your workers’ comp claim in the system, our primary goal is to get you on the road to better health. It would be difficult to predict here what your treatment will entail, but rest assured, we will approach your workplace injury from every angle to help you heal.

Navigating the administrative side of recovery

Making your road an easier one, our team also has extensive experience with workers’ comp claims, and we can help ensure that all of your requirements are met so you’re properly covered and compensated. This experience can prove invaluable as workers’ comp can be confusing at the best of times. Not to mention, we want your focus to be on healing, not red tape.

If you want expert and experienced care of your workplace injury, book an appointment online or over the phone with Steel City Spine and Orthopedic Center. We have offices in Pittsburgh, McKees Rocks, and Washington, Pennsylvania.

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