The Many Benefits of an Independent Medical Evaluation

When you’ve suffered serious injuries at work or in a car accident or other incident, your focus is probably just on getting better and rehabilitating yourself as quickly as possible. 

As part of settling your case, your employer or an insurance company may require that you undergo an independent medical evaluation (IME) by a specialized physician who determines the extent and severity of your injuries.

It may seem like a nuisance or a physical impossibility, given your level of pain and disability, but you benefit by getting a second opinion by another doctor. 

Jocelyn R. Idema, DO, founder of Steel City Spine and Orthopedic Center, is trained and certified in the specialized field of independent medical evaluation. Here’s why she encourages you to get a second IME.

Subtle differences slant your case

The doctors who conduct IMEs are required by law to be neutral, truthful, and unbiased. But if they’re working for the side of the case that must compensate you financially for your injuries, their report may be slanted slightly in favor of their client. 

To ensure you’re compensated fairly for your current injuries, as well as possible long-term damage or disability, you have the right to consult another doctor. Your chosen physician then performs an IME for your side of the dispute. 

Dr. Idema fully evaluates you and performs any and all necessary tests as part of your IME. In addition to a complete physical examination, she may also conduct tests that:

She may order imaging studies, such as X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans, to evaluate the extent of your internal injuries. Dr. Idema may also order blood and urine tests to see how well your organs are functioning.

As part of your IME, Dr. Idema also asks you questions about your lifestyle and habits that may have affected your present condition. She lets you know if your claim is valid, based on the evidence she’s amassed. 

She then compiles a full and unbiased report of your status, including whether you’re cleared to return to work. 

You get the care you need 

When you come to Steel City Spine and Orthopedic Center for an independent medical evaluation, you don’t just get information that’s valuable to your case. Dr. Idema also explains the results of your tests to you and recommends treatments. 

She can serve as your physician while you recuperate. She also makes referrals to other specialists, if needed.

You have an advocate

Due to her experience conducting IMEs, Dr. Idema is an expert at presenting her complete findings in a compelling and unbiased manner. 

Her insights help resolve disputes between your side and that of your employer, a lawyer, or an insurance company. Unlike an assigned medical evaluator, Dr. Idema advocates for you and you alone.

An important part of your recovery process is receiving the care and compensation you deserve and need to recover as fully as possible. To book your independent medical evaluation today, call our office in McKees Rocks, Pittsburgh, or Washington, Pennsylvania. You can also use our handy online system to request an appointment.

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